Here’s to our Queen of the Track- D’Cup Runith Ov’r!!

All this month we’re celebrating our dearest doll, D’Cup Runith Ov'r! D’Cup has been sharing her derby love with LADD for years. She shares her time with us as part of the Tough Cookies and Ri-Ettes and most recently took on the tremendous responsibility of directing our track move. She’s been a rock as we’ve taken on our big move into our new home and desesrves all the praise for being such a boss!

D’Cup’s derby love is rooted in over 9 years of skating. Before she was a Derby Doll she spent time with the ladies at OC Rollergirls. Her knowledge of both flat and bank track has gotten her to play with various roller derby teams around the country. At LADD, she is one of the veteran members of our Tough Cookies and has even got a top spot as part of our all star team, The Ri-Ettes. Her derby career is extensive and impressive and we can’t wait to share more years with her on the track.

Last year, D’Cup faced a hiccup in her derby life. A broken fibula had her off the track for months. But even injured, this hell of a lady still came out to practices off skates and mentally took in strategies and skills practiced by her teammates. Months of physical therapy and a positive mentality got her back on the track and playing in the most recent Battle on the Bank. At the tournament she absolutely killed in all 3 games and even helped lead our Ri-Ettes to yet another championship victory!

As you can tell D’Cup has a big heart for roller derby and her ladies at LADD. She’s really shown her love for the league over the past few months as she lead us in our various track moves. This badass woman has taken on these big moves with such energy and gusto. In such a short amount of time D’Cup has led us through 2 track set ups and 2 break downs. She’s spent an insane amount of hours working on our track both painting, building and leading just to get us all up and skating together again.

This powerhouse of a lady has truly dedicated herself to the league and her derby sisters. Without her we probably wouldn’t have been able to pull off our big move so quickly. Her leadership and heart has brought us all back together and skating as a league again. We thank you for all you’ve done D’Cup and know that we owe you the world.