Daniel LaRusso lost this round. Let’s give it up for OUR CHAMP and Derby Doll of the Month, Sweep The Leg Johnny! 

This July is dedicated to our firecracker, Sweep the Leg Johnny! Johnny has been a part of our league for years. His time with us has been filled in numerous roles, as part of our BOD, The Enforcers and The Ri-Ettes training team. If that isn’t enough this stellar fella has also taken on the taxing task of getting us our new home in Vernon. There’s nothing Johnny can’t do and we wanted to take all this month to show him how much we appreciate him for it.

Johnny started his derby life with LADD as part of The Enforcers. He’s been making the calls on the track for years, always armed with his keen eye and his arsenal of cues, codes and signals. He’s extremely supportive of his team of black and white is always encouraging his fellow Enforcers to build their skills. Johnny’s a constant voice for The Enforcers and has always been a ref we all can count on.

For the past 2 All-Star seasons, Johnny’s replaced his stripes for a coach's shirt as he’s taken on training our Ri-Ettes. His reffing insights has built a strong foundation for the team and has encouraged our All-Star skaters to play smarter and challenge penalties when necessary. He’s traveled and trained with our team of black and grey and helped lead them through some hard-fought bouts and back-to-back victories at Battle on the Bank! 

He’s not only led our All-Stars but our league into a very promising future. For the past few months our man Johnny has been a legal and operational powerhouse. He’s been working day and night alongside Derby Doll Army Members, Melistophiles and BioniK BlitZ. These 3 helped find and acquire our new home in Vernon. He’s put in so much work into keeping us going and deserves so much for all he’s done. This month goes out to you, Sweep The Leg Johnny!