He’s our hero of the Wild West….. Coast. Let’s all tip our hats to our October Derby Doll of the Month, Wild Bill Hiccup!

This October is dedicated to our shot-calling man, Wild Bill Hiccup. Wild Bill Hiccup (or Woobie as he’s called around the track) has spent his time at LADD in uniform as part of our team of Enforcers. Over the past year his black and white colors have transformed and shined as he’s taken on some immense duties with us and our transition to our new home. Woobie was a big part in locating places to skate during our interim, helping design our new space layout, leading as part of our track move team, and even becoming a dependable handyman for all the fixing and building we needed in the new place. He’s a leader in his own right and we thought there was no better way to show off this all around hero than to parade his awesomeness all over our LADD outlets!

Just like his lawman counterpart Woobie is the law around the banked track. He monitors the track with his  marksman’s eye catching penalties and surveying the gameplay. He always keeps the order and the rules in check as he makes the calls in some high stake games of roller derby. This brilliantly mastered Enforcer has even found himself calling some big shots at the renowned banked track tournament, Battle on the Bank!

Off the track, this hell of a guy is making moves as a steadfast leader. Now the Track Move co-head, our man Woobie has been helping build Dollhalla into a livable and thriving home. He’s helped with the design and layout of our new space and has even become a stable jack of all trades for all repairs and builds our new home needs.

Woobie’s becoming a legend all his own at LADD. His sharp eye has made many a calls, his hands have helped raise many walls, and his love for the league will never fall. Raise your whiskey glass to our hero of the Wild West Coast, Will Bill Hiccup!