In the early days of the Derby Dolls, prior to 2007, the Enforcers officials’ crew was made up of skaters on injured reserve and a few derby widows willing to dedicate their time and hard work to the league. In 2007, the Enforcers welcomed their first class of "recruited" officials from outside of the league who trained at the Dolls' Little Tokyo Mall home, before moving to the Doll Factory in Historic Filipinotown. In 2008, the Enforcers brought the concept of Referee Professionalism to banked track roller derby through internal leadership and attendance requirements.  The Enforcers headed up the officials as Tournament Head Ref and co-THR for the first banked track national championship tournament, Battle on the Bank.  The Enforcers began adopting "REFS!  YEAH RIGHT!" as their cheer, an homage to the Gramercy Refs from the film The Warriors. The Enforcers hosted the first co-ed scrimmages with the Derby Dolls, and helped to found and form our wRECk League program that’s still active today. At RollerCon that year in Vegas, the concept for a training program for prospective Enforcers was born and thereafter Enforcers-in-training were referred to as Cheladas. Additionally that year, the team worked together to re-brand under a new Enforcer logo: skates on a balanced scale - or, as it’s more commonly known, the Skates of Justice.

In the years that followed, from 2009-2014, the Enforcers crew grew and thrived. In 2009, the Enforcers unveiled their signature uniform: black uniform tops with white epaulets and black bottoms with a white tuxedo stripe down the side.  The Enforcers created an annual officials’ training camp in March called Ref RADness to train local and remote officials.  They also worked with the league and created FUNdraising efforts (first selling exotic jerky snacks, now delicious cupcakes at a vendor booth during bouts) which promoted New Ref Orientation and also provided travel stipends used for travel when training other banked track officials, traveling to officiate remote games and tournaments (both foreign and domestic) - and parties. Lots of parties.

In 2014, the Enforcers and Derby Dolls lost the Doll Factory space and moved into the new and present-day home of the Derby Dolls in El Sereno, The Dollosseum, (which was named by an Enforcer). The Enforcers continue to thrive as the team and are always looking for new recruits. If you're interested in helping to inspire and create the next chapter in our rich and storied history, email for more information.


Captians Over The Years


Captain: Syphilis Diller

Co-Captains: Double Fist, Hurtin Ernie

League Head Referee: Charlie Frown



Captain: Gia de los Muertos

Co-Captain: Anayalator, Third Degree Burns!, Syphilis Diller, Hurtin' Ernie

League Head Referees: Thomas Refferson, Roger Assaultrey



Captain: Gia de los Muertos

Co-Captain:  Ophelia Melons

League Head Referees: Roger Assaultrey, Thomas Refferson



Captains: Hannah Grenade, Gia de los Muertos

League Head Referee: Hurtin' Ernie



Head Referee: Volt Ron

Co-Head Referee:  Chocolate Squirrel



Captain: Third Degree Burns!

Co-Captains: Gia de los Muertos, Roger Assaultrey



Captain: Hurtin' Ernie

Co-Captains: Ridley Scorpio, Sweep the Leg Johnny



Captain: Latina Fey

Co-Captains: Santa Demonica, Sweep the Leg Johnny



Captain: Marsha Law

Co-Captains: Latina Fey, Misfortune Cookie



Captain: Felon Degenerous

Co-Captains: Oliver Clothesoff, Nerdy Birdie, Court Sin Session