For all of March the LA Derby Dolls are celebrating our lucky and beloved, Jackie Nimble. Nimble has graced the track for years with LADD and has brought nothing but joy to us all in her time. She shares her knowledge and skills with each and every one of us, from the new freshmeat all the way to her sisters on Ri-Ettes. Nimble and her love has woven itself into the very fabric that makes up the LA Derby Dolls. It is her spunk and dedication that made it so easy for us to come together and call her our March Doll!

Nimble’s derby career was born at LADD. In February of 2009 she strapped on some skates, hit the track, and (basically) hasn’t stopped since. She’s followed the league through our numerous homes and never once has her love wavered. Her years at LADD has shown us all her undying love for her sisters and roller derby. 

Playing over 9 years of derby, Nimble has found herself amongst the top skating ranks at LADD. She is a part of one of our home teams, The Tough Cookies and has also spent years as part of our all-star team, The Ri-Ettes. Her skills and communication on the track has made her a powerful player and one that many respect and admire. 

Her love for roller derby doesn’t stop with her. Nimble humbly shares her derby devotion as a trainer at LADD. As a teacher she exudes a positivity and encouragement that can make a weaker skater feel like she can take on the world. Her guidance is uplifting and has pushed many towards greatness. Nimble’s commitment and support has contributed to a loving community of up and coming skaters with the strength and pride to do it all. 

Nimble’s stunning skills and infectious goofy smile, are a constant reminder of how lucky we are to have her as part of our league. Her commitment to LADD and her derby sisters is unprecedented and her ability to  make each and every one of them feel noticed, encouraged, and part of a family is unmatched. This lucky month’s for you, Jackie Nimble.