Cheers and beers to our April Derby Doll of the Month- Ben Wobbles!

This April we’re celebrating our head honcho, the top dog, our man, Ben Wobbles! 

Wobbles has been with us at LADD since 2012. His time here has been spent in a couple of major roles including Enforcer and General Manager. He's taken on these duties with such positivity and support and has created a very special space for all of us.

Wobbles started his derby life in 2012 as part of our team of Enforcers. He called the shots and pushed the rules and held strong in his reffing abilities. His skills and playful ways made him a loved member of our Enforcers. There wasn’t a smile he couldn’t crack or a penalty he couldn’t track.

In 2016, Wobbles took on a very important position at LADD. He took on the role of being our General Manager. This responsibility had proven to be strenuous and daunting, but he took it head on with such spirit and strength. He truly shined these past few months as GM as we faced our big move. With every shift he was there to help lead and was working with us all the way to the end. He’s been a rock we can depend on, a shoulder to lean on, and a leader that pushes on! 

As we take on the month of April, we’d like to take the time to celebrate our man. So grab your glasses and raise them high. Cheers to you, Wobbles.