This month of love is dedicated to our league-wide Valentine and Derby Doll of the Month, WhoreChata!

For all of February, we at LA Derby Dolls are celebrating the greatness that is our league mate, WhoreChata. Chata has been a force to be reckoned with these past few months; from being drafted to the Sirens to taking on one of LADD’s biggest events at Night on Broadway. She has worked day and night rallying our league together and has really revived the spirit of all her derby sisters and we love her for it.

Here at LADD, Chata first made her league mark as Co-Head of PR and has been killing it ever since. As Co-Head, she helps lead her committee of social media creatives with her vibrant direction and bold diligence. Her work in the committee has landed us great opportunities with big players such as Irwindale Speedway, Night on Broadway, and Buzzfeed. Chata has really helped keep us relevant and connected with our public and fans through all of her PR work for the league and has paved way for a dynamic future for the Derby Dolls.

Chata’s excellence in PR really shined at the beginning of this year as she headed our Night on Broadway public bout. She made it possible for our league to play in one of the biggest events our city has to offer! We were able to skate under the LA sky as a crowd of over 700 people was able to see us in action again, and it’s all thanks to her. She spent months talking to the coordinators, leading the planning, and uniting us all together to create such an unforgettable event for our league. 

These killer PR skills that Chata so humbly possesses is also highly complimented by her skills on the track. As a newly drafted Siren, Chata has more than proven her abilities to be a great team player. Her team loves her for her dedication, blocking skills and her vicious slide blocks.

And if that isn’t enough, our ever so charming Chata has also taken up duties as part of our Juniors training team. You can catch her teaching our young skaters (and even her daughter, Poison Ivy) the skating skills, teamwork and strategy it takes to become an LA Derby Doll. Her coaching and knowledge help mold our Junior ladies into the tough and empowered women of our future. 

This amazing woman has done so much for us as a league and she deserves all the valentines and chocolates!! We love you, WhoreChata! XOXO