Can we get a WHOOP WHOOP for our Derby Doll of the Month, MELISTOPHELES! 

For the month of September we at LA Derby Dolls are celebrating– Melistopheles. Mel has helped guide the league with her killer leadership skills as President of the Board of Directors and Co-Head of Subpool. Her direction and guidance has been doing good things for our league and we couldn’t be anymore thankful.

Taking on such demanding leadership positions, Mel has shown the league what a powerhouse she is. Her guidance and leadership is fueled by her big heart and love for the league. As a BOD member she has helped us greatly, as we fight the good fight to keep us up and running. As Co-Head of Subpool she also helps LADD by leading the new age of skaters to being just as badass as she is.

Her proud and confident voice holds strong in both positions of leadership, as well as on the track. Mel has dedicated years to her derby career and has earned her spot as a seasoned Siren. Her teammates admire her for her stunning pivot ability and her sneakiness as a jammer and love the British charm and liveliness she brings to the team.

When she’s not on the track Mel lives an interesting little at home farm life. She and her husband share their home with cute chickens and goats as well as fig trees and other vegetation. She willingly shares the fruits of her labor with other dolls by bringing eggs and delicious fig snacks. Her devotion to her farm oasis runs deep like her devotion for all our league's skaters.

Her love for the league and her boss leadership skills are why we have named her our Derby Doll of the Month. Cheers to you, Melistopheles!