Our Derby Doll of the Month - August 2017 is Tough Cookie Rookie, Fanny B. Werkin’!

All this month we at LA Derby Dolls are celebrating our doll, Fanny B. Werkin’. Fanny has been an unstoppable force in the league both on and off the track. Her commitment to LADD as a team player and fundraising extraordinaire have been more than amazing and we are all truly grateful.

Fanny has taken on the most crucial job right now for LADD, as head of fundraising and she has been killing it. Her dedication to the league’s fundraising efforts is unmatched. She has set herself personal fundraising goals that have been met with thousands of dollars in donations. Her work as head of the department has also provided the league with awesome events such as our very successful Whip It screening. 

Her commitment to the Derby Dolls doesn’t stop there. Fanny’s also apart of our league’s, Tough Cookies team. Her teammates, as well as all the other dolls, have seen how smart and dedicated she is to the sport. They all love how positive she is when she takes the track and admire her for her awesome teamwork and badass skating skills. 

Fanny skates with a full heart for the league and her derby sisters and we appreciate her dearly for that. So this is us giving the love back to her. This month is to you, Fanny B. Werkin’!

Support Fanny's fundraising efforts to Keep The Derby Dolls Rolling!