Can we get a round of applause for our Derby Doll of the Month, Vodka Toxic?

All this October, we at LA Derby Dolls are celebrating our beloved doll, Vodka Toxic.  Vodka has put in many years of skating and leadership here at LA Derby Dolls. Her guidance and love for the league has put her in awesome director roles such as Head of Fresh Meat, Head of marketing, former VP of Board of Directors, and former Head of PR.  If that’s not enough, this killer lady also played a pivotal role in forming the LA Roller Derby Co-Op and has been a stunning player for years as part of our league’s, Varsity Brawlers. 

Her love for roller derby is unreal. Her 11 ½ years on skates has proved to be meaningful not only to us but to roller derby in LA. Before her Derby Doll days, Vodka was a part of Angel City Derby and is one of their league’s founding members. She has shared many years on skates with both leagues and continues to show her support for the badass women in the roller derby community. 

Vodka Toxic is a very endeared skater in our league. On and off the track she is helpful to all. If there’s ever a skater in need Vodka is there. Whether it be a Fresh Meat skater trying to learn the ropes or a department that needs some assistance, you can depend on her.  

Her 7 1/2 years as a LA Derby Doll has proven to be more than exceptional. She and her team, Varsity Brawlers won the 2015 Championships and keeps a strong love and bond with her ladies in purple. Her snazzy skating on the track is complimented greatly by her stunning taste in music as she is a music marketer by day, badass skater by night. Her derby sisters love her for her playful spirit, determination and great taste in tunes. 

Although she is retiring, this isn’t goodbye. Vodka will be around helping us and continuing to push our skaters and league into a brighter tomorrow. We appreciate you and everything you do. We love you, Vodka Toxic!