She’s the sweetest skater to ever hit the track. Let’s hear it for our January Derby Doll of the Month, Sweet Home AlaBAMM’ya!

We’re kicking off our year of dazzling Derby Dolls with the sweetest of them all- Sweet Home AlaBAMM’ya! Sweetie is a seasoned leader at LADD and has proven her stunning leadership skills as Sirens Co-Captain, Co-Head of Training, part of EC Management and Head of DPV. She has taken on these immense duties with such grace and patience and has really kept our league and its members rolling through. 

Over the past year, Sweetie has been a really strong backbone for us at LADD. She has been one we can all depend on as she continuously takes the initiative to keep us trucking forward as a league. Sweetie’s introduced countless pieces of policy to the EC this year and even implemented Operation Clean Wheels, which has done wonders for the integrity of our track. Her vision and energy to keep us at our best is a style in which we only wish to achieve. 

Her bright ideas and helpful spirit are complemented with her encouraging teaching style. As head of DPV, Sweetie has taken on the challenging task of teaching a new era of skaters. The encouragement she brings to even the newest on skates makes you feel as if anything is possible. Her patience and her commitment to training our up and coming have created an ever-growing pot of skaters in our LADD family. 

Sweetie has taken on her seasons at LADD “laying down the law” as part of our leagues, Sirens. *WHOOP WHOOP*. This past season she took on the pivotal role of Co-captain and her team couldn’t be any more grateful. Sweetie’s strong voice and stellar blocking have made her a force to be reckoned with, making the Sirens a team to beat. Not to mention, these top-notch skating skills has also landed her a spot as part of our All-star team, The Ri-Ettes.

Sweetie not only helps lead her ladies in Blue but she also fronts her own little derby family team! Armed with two little skaters of her own, Sweetie and her daughters are fore-fronting a new wave of tough ladies!

Sweetie helped make our league great in 2017 and we can’t wait to see the ideas and leadership she has for us in the years to come! This one’s to you, Sweet Home AlaBAMM’ya!