Wait… there are HOW MANY DAYS LEFT ‘TIL CHRISTMAS?!!!! We may not be able to help you with all your presents, but we can certainly help you get the perfect present for the roller derby player in your life. Here are some great ideas to save the day!


March RADness - Best training from the best in the game

Yes, we know it’s December BUT every skater is looking to up their skills and this is a great event to plan ahead for! Some of the most talented skaters and trainers from all over the the flat and banked roller derby world (think Team USA) come to our tracks to teach the latest and greatest skills to hit the track. Passes are already on sale and any skater would be ecstatic to get an opportunity to attend!

Derby Gear (links below)

Fun Fact: Every skater needs a new something, just ask them! Vital gear gets worn out in this full contact sport faster when you are going 100%. Plus, gear is released in new pretty colors… ALL THE TIME!!! There are plenty of skate shops in the area to go pick her up those fancy new Radar wheels or a brand new S-ONE helmet (our favorite and top recommendation!) to protect their noggin. Not sure what to get them? Then go with a gift certificate, or a new mouth guard.

Wicked Skatewear - Derby Doll Favorite!!

Moxie Roller Skate Shop

Empire Skate Shop 

Valley Skate & Surf

Work Out Attire - Everything Stretchy!

We spend a LOT of time being active, practice, off skates, games, league promotional events. So we need clothes than can keep up with us. Your favorite derby player can most definitely need a new pair of compression pants, sports bra or their preferred sock to skate in. You can pick up work out clothes up anywhere but we recommend:

Frogmouth Clothing

Target - you are on a time limit after all and their pants are sturdy!





Derby Por Vida - Not a roller derby player yet but wants to be??

Maybe your Derby Doll hasn’t gotten the courage to get on the track yet. Give her a little assist and whip her into shape with Derby Por Vida. DPV is a roller derby class that teaches new skaters looking to get their feet wet! Whether they are looking for a new workout regimen or hope to one day be a Derby Doll All Star, it’s a perfect way to get started. Psst.. get a discount if you buy them 8 classes, you'll look awesome and save a few bucks!

Kickrail - Leave your stamp on the Derby Dolls

Let your roller derby player leave their mark on the track in a more literal way. There are still some sections of the track available to put their or your name on the banked track! Become a permanent part of the history of The Dollosseum. Plus, you get to relive the joy of your gift every bout you're at!

Amazon Wishlist - The year round gift

What if ALL the Derby Dolls are the special player in your life?! If you’re looking to do something big or small to what you consider your home and your league take a gander at our Amazon wishlist. Sometimes, little things can go a long way. Collectively, one tiny piece at a time, we can keep our skaters happy and healthy and our home thriving and beautiful. As always, we appreciate the generosity that flows from our league, our family, and our community!