Get Fit - Learn Roller Derby

Derby Por Vida (DPV) is the training ground for future Derby Dolls, our Enforcers Ref Crew, or those just looking to add something different into their workout routine. At just $10 per class, it sure beats yoga. 

Roller skates and protective gear rental is included, just bring your own mouthguard available at any sporting goods store.   

Skills for Thrills - Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday
This 8-week course runs you through the basics of roller skating from striding forward and working up to roller derby basic gameplay. 
Brand new skaters should only start during the first 2 weeks of the session to ensure basic skills are learned. 

Intermediate Skills for Thrills - Sunday
Once you’ve been around for a couple sessions, or if you already have the skills, you may move up to our intermediate class where you will work a little harder and learn roller derby game strategy on Sunday afternoon. If you plan on trying out for the league’s Fresh Meat program, you should definitely take this class. Just ask a trainer for permission if you think you're ready!

Questions? Email Derby Por Vida at derbyporvida@derbydolls.com.



Our next 8 week session for beginners starts
Tuesday February 21, 2016.

Tuesday 6:00pm-7:00pm: Beginner Skills for Thrills
Trainer Brooklyn Deckher
Wednesday 6:00pm-7:00pm: Beginner Skills For Thrills
Trainers Puncherello/Rad Hamilton
Sunday 11:00am-12:00pm: Beginner Skills for Thrills
Trainers Suzy Snakeyes/Sweet Home AlaBAMM'ya/Shady Hawkins  
Sunday 12:00pm-1:00pm: Intermediate Skills for Thrills
Trainers Suzy Snakeyes/Sweet Home AlaBAMM'ya/Shady Hawkins

All classes are largely on the banked track but may also take place on the flat track area.


Prerequisite: None
An 8-week skating skills class for beginners.
Week 1: Falling and Strides
Week 2: Stopping and Going (Take-Offs)
Week 3: Transitions and Jumping
Week 4: Advanced Stopping (Snowplows)
Week 5: Whips, Basic Blocking Technique
Week 6: Review
Week 7: Intro to Teamwork and Communication
Week 8: Intro to Game Play


What you need to get rolling:

Cost for the program is $10 per class and you MUST have your own basic medical insurance coverage to participate.  Skates and gear rental included. No rollerblades are allowed. All classes are located at the Derby Dolls' Dollosseum at 4900 Alhambra Ave, Los Angeles, CA. Parking is available in our lot, but PLEASE be willing to tandem park with your new Derby Por Vida pals. (Teams practice after Derby Por Vida!)

Do NOT park in the residential neighborhood.
Here's how you get started:

  • Please RSVP HERE 24 hours in advance if you plan to attend class if this is your first time and/or are not on the Facebook Group (DPV Extracurricular) yet.
  • Bring your picture ID (such as a Driver's License or Passport) to your first session and a photocopy of your medical insurance card.
  • Bring $10 to pay for the class, cash and checks only. Exact change required.
  • Bring water and a towel.
  • Wear comfortable workout clothes that are breathable. We encourage you to cover your legs with pants or strong leggings/tights.
  • Show up 30 mins in advance to process paperwork and locate appropriate gear for you to wear.  Please fill out this online waiver in advance if at all possible: DPV Insurance and Waiver Form.
  • Please note that we may or may not have enough gear for everybody.  Please arrive early if you need to borrow equipment.  
  • Please consult with a physician regarding your ability to participate in a high impact sport. A release of liability waiver will be required when you start your first class.

KCal 9's Louisa checks out our DPV class!

Weekend Adventures With Louisa Hodge