Do you think you have what it takes to be an L.A. Derby Doll? Then try out for our Fresh Meat program! Fresh Meat is a rigorous training program for skaters ages 18 and older, designed to create, condition, and mold competitive roller derby athletes!

We have tryouts about every three months. Our next one is Saturday, July 27th at 11:30am. We’re looking for skaters who are safe enough to skate on the banked track and have some proficiency in the following skills:

  • T-stops

  • Snow plows

  • Knee touches

  • Paceline slalom

  • Skating stride

If you want to increase your chances of making it through tryouts, we strongly recommend starting with our Derby Por Vida program! The program is an 8-week training sessions that teaches the fundamentals of roller skating for banked track roller derby.

Other important information to consider if you would like to tryout for LA Derby Dolls Fresh Meat

  • Fresh Meat is the gateway training program to becoming an LA Derby Doll

  • You must be 18 years or older and provide proof of medical insurance

  • Fresh Meat skaters practice on Sunday nights and Tuesday nights

  • Fresh Meat skaters have monthly requirements including attendance minimums, dues, department work, and working events

To register for the July 27th Fresh Meat tryout, please fill out the form here.