our Partners 

The Derby Dolls are proud to show off the many partners who make our league possible.


Doll Repair Team

Our team of volunteer medical professionals who keep us healthy and safe.                                 Click the link below for details about their individual private practices.                                     http://www.derbydolls.com/doll-repair


S1 Helmets

Keeping our heads safe in a contact sport!                                                                                               S1Helmets.com


Frogmouth Clothing

Skater-made custom roller derby uniforms and athletic wear.                  www.FrogmouthClothing.com         


Little Easy Bar

Bringing the heart of New Orleans to Downtown Los Angeles.                                             LittleEasyBar.com


LA-32 Neighborhood Council

Preserving and improving quality of life in El Sereno through outstanding service.                              www.LA32NC.org


Our Town El Sereno Magazine

Promoting positive awareness and supporting local businesses in our hometown community.  www.OurTownElSereno.com


Council District 14

Thanks Councilmember José Huizar for welcoming the Derby Dolls to El Sereno!                        www.JoseHuizar.com



If YOU would like to sponsor the Derby Dolls, e-mail us at