She’s a fighter through and through. Let’s hear it for our LADD wonder woman and Derby Doll of the Month, Auntie Patriarca. 

Auntie Patriarca has really shown us her true power over the past few months, from being drafted to Fight Crew to becoming a pivotal part of the BOD. She is a force to be reckoned with and we at LADD thought of no better way to show our appreciation than by parading all that is Auntie.

Auntie has been with the league for over 4 years. This super mom started derby as a way to inspire her son. Her years on skates taught him and others how to try new things, challenge your shyness, and most importantly, how to never give up! 

A few months ago this stellar skater had her derby career kicked up a notch. Auntie became one of the newest red, hot drafts to our feisty ladies on Fight Crew. Her fighting spirit won over the hearts of the team and has landed her amongst the greats on skates.

Off the track, Auntie has also taken on another new role as part of our BOD. Auntie took it upon herself to help our league land a spot with the #1 crowd-funding platform for charitable donations, Crowdrise. Her push for this platform has helped us raise over $14,000 across 2 campaigns, one of them being a love-driven fundraiser in memory of our angel, Carmen Monoxide. Auntie’s undying involvement with us at LADD and now as part of the BOD, has us all excited about the big moves she’s bound to lead us towards in the future.

Auntie has really made her mark at LADD these past few months. Her fighting spirit and loving heart has us all inspired, empowered and even closer together. So as we take on the month of June, we’d like to take the time to honor our dazzling doll, Auntie Patriarca!!