April showers brought MIA Power! *WHOOP WHOOP*

For the sweet days of May we’re celebrating our marvelous, Mia! She’s a Siren at heart and a saint in spirit. This kindred soul has recently found a way for us to get back and rolling on our skates. Her hard work has gone leaps and bounds and has helped reignite our derby spirit at LADD! 

Her heart for the sport started at a lively young age. She’s been taking it to the track for years as part of our city’s various derby leagues including LADD, Angel City and San Fernando Valley. (She even grew up as part of our Juniors at one time!) It wasn’t long till this young derby star found her way on one of our home teams, The Sirens. In 2013, Mia was drafted to the WHOOP WHOOPING group and has been living out her derby career with them ever since. Her bold blocking and game intensity is beloved by her teammates and has even helped lead them to past Champs! This year Mia has decided to hang up her uniform (for now) as she focuses on the off-skates side of life. All though she won’t be in blue, she’ll still be here helping at LADD, which fortunately was a lot sooner rather than later. 

Since our most recent departure from our home at 4900, we’ve been making do with various practice locations around LA and we have Mia to thank for this. She has helped contribute to finding and securing practice locations where we can, once again, be together as a league. She helps head the scheduling, as well as, staffs and co-writes the curriculum for these pop up practices. 

Mia has dedicated her life to the sport of roller derby and her sisters at LADD. It is with her magnificent derby brain and unselfish heart that we’re able to pull off these league-wide trainings. Her effort to get us all back on the track is all love and she deserves the world for it. Thank you for all you do Mia.