On Tuesday, October 4th, the Derby Dolls will be hosting a fundraiser night at  Diner on Main in Alhambra (just a few miles up the street from The Dollosseum). 
From 4pm to 9pm anyone who identifies themselves as being there for our fundraiser will have 25% of their total bill go toward the league! So join us for Dinner!


Unfortunately this does NOT include drinks from the bar or their dinner specials--BUT it does include take-out items (they have great pies and zucchini bread available). 

If you've never been to Diner on Main, they are all about the retro vibe! 
Going back in time is always fun, especially if it’s the era of the 50’s or 60’s. When you walk into the Diner on Main that’s what you are doing. This wildly popular Retro American Diner is done up in chrome and formica with a Schwinn bicycle hanging from the wall along with photos of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe, so its menu naturally focuses on patriotic items like Hot Dogs & Burgers; But leave no doubt about it, this is a full service restaurant with an extensive menu including breakfast available all day, steaks, fish and chips, salads, pot roast, pork chops, amazing appetizers, a complete kids menu and much more. The Diner also boasts a Full Bar with an extensive Martini Menu to choose from and Satellite Sports TV. So, for a good old fashioned home cooked meal with the nostalgia and sounds of the 50’s" 

Fun-fact! Although they play up the burgers and breakfasts, the best dinner item is, in fact, the bacon fried rice. 

We look forward to seeing you on the 4th! RSVP to the Facebook Event