The Derby Dolls are always on the lookout for talented and committed individuals to join our community. From skating to officiating to volunteering, there is something for everyone! Join us! 





Do you think you have what it takes to be an Derby Doll? Then try-out for our Freshmeat program! Freshmeat is a rigorous training program for women ages 18 and older, designed to create, condition, and mold competitive roller derby athletes! Contact  if you're interested in trying out.

Is your daughter between the ages of 7 and 17 and looking for a challenge, wanting to make new friends, and have tons of fun? Well you're in the right place, and the  Junior Derby Dolls may just be for her. Contact or learn more.


Not quite looking to be on the track, how about in it calling the shots?! If this sounds like more of your tune you may want to check our our Enforcer program, which grooms everyday joes to become a part of our Enforcer refereeing team. Referee orientations take place every six months, and potential enforcers need to attend 5 weeks of classes. Within a year you could be on be on your way to whistle heaven.



Not a skater yourself? Still want to be involved with the Derby Dolls? You're not the only one! Join the Derby Doll Army, and meet other Roller Derby enthusiasts who help make the magic happen! This group of amazing volunteers help keep the league running by investing their time and skills into putting on bouts and keep the track safe for skaters. If you are interested in joining our Derby Doll Army contact us!